Life is a generous gift from the Creator; it is not earned by our work."   Dr Cam Harder, retired from faculty at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Saskatoon from One Lutheran’s Perspective on Theological Principles that might Inform  Consideration of a Basic Income Policy for Canada.
As we move forward into a new phase of this challenging time and with the Speech from the Throne quickly approaching that will outline the Government of Canada's approach to recovery from the pandemic, there is an opportunity to influence how the government will respond that considers the needs of the most vulnerable persons in Canadian Society. 
Over 40 Anglican and Lutheran Bishops including  The Most Reverend Linda Nicholls – Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada,  The Reverend Susan C. Johnson – National Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and our former Archbishop, The Most Reverend Ron Cutler have written to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance on 3 May 2020 asking for a Basic Guaranteed Income. They close their letter by stating “Canada needs Guaranteed Basic Income for all. We need it today.”
The full text of their letter is found in the link below.  
Please consider adding your voice to that of the Bishops by contacting your Member of Parliament and support the Bishops' call.
In addition, the Citizens for Public Justice, a faith based coalition has prepared a brief on principles for a just recovery from the pandemic and the economic downturn, a Guaranteed Basic Income could be part of a just recovery.  I invite you to take the time to read it.
Andrew Sherin
Basic Needs contact
Mission, Outreach and Social Justice Team (MOST)
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