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The Bishop’s Men of the Anglican Diocese of NS/PEI was founded in 1974 with a mandate "to assist the Bishop with both finances for a discretionary fund and advice".

Since that time, the Friends of the Bishop - the name was changed in 2008 to reflect evolving membership - has provided the Diocesan Bishop with discretionary funds and general support.

In the beginning, the Friends of the Bishop has held an annual dinner with members to provide opportunities for fellowship & support to the Bishop.

Today, regional dinners held in conjunction with the Bishop’s regional visits provide an expanded opportunity to reach out to members and other interested Anglicans.

Membership fees and future planned events raise much-needed funds and, more importantly, raise awareness of the wonderful work carried out by the Diocese of NS/PEI.


The Executive Committee of the Friends of the Bishop is made up of:

Steven Beeler, Chair, (902) 455-7482

Bruce Moxley, Vice-chair, (902) 420-1294

Bob Howell, Treasurer

Email address -