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 Be inspired, learn practical approaches and share ideas to create mission-shaped churches. Our Diocesan Book Clubs resume again this year in a relaxed, low-key small group discussion weekly in Zoom sessions. Join with friends (lay and clergy) as a popular resource is explored, chapter by chapter.  

Free to join. Book purchase is required (or acquire through public library loan).

Series starts May 25 / May 27, and runs June and July. Depending on the interest, we hope to run a morning session and/or an evening session. Each gathering is 60 minutes - Tuesdays - 6:30 p.m. and Thursdays - 9:30 a.m.  


THE BOOK WE ARE READING (2 Chapters / week):

Why Would Anyone Go to Church? A Young Community's Quest to Reclaim Church for Good, by Kevin Makins.   Why, Despite Everything, Church Still Matters - There are plenty of reasons to criticize, judge, and even walk away from the church. Many of us have been hurt and rejected. We may see church as insular and irrelevant. Despite this, Kevin Makins believes that the church still matters - perhaps more than ever.   


Here are a couple of purchase options: - - Kobo Ebook $12.79;   Paperback  $19.05

Why-Would-Anyone - - - Kindle Edition $12.79;   Paperback (Prime)  $18.86;  Audible Audio book  $7.95

Why-Would-Anyone -


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