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"Do you see that glow among the ashes? Can you feel the ember’s radiant heat? The fire is not out. In fact, it’s the strongest it’s ever been. Fire is sacred in the bible; symbolizing both life and death. God intentionally uses fire in all kinds of ways; from burning bushes and pillars of fire, to the gentle crackle of a campfire in the wilderness. The roaring flames usually get the most attention. But, there are also important stories to be found in what comes before and after. 

Our stories and faith journeys are a lot like fire too. There’s the hard stuff, ashes. There are exciting parts, sparks. There are chaotic times, flames. And there is the quiet and calm, embers. Each of these are holy and vital parts of life. Whatever place you find yourself in, God is right there with you." (Clay 2023 website)

Every few years, hundreds of Canadian Lutheran and Anglican youth (ages 14-19) gather from across the country at CLAY.

The Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth Gathering (CLAY) is a program of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) where we gather to hear from guest speakers, be involved in leadership development, activities, worship and have fellowship together in national community. And Clay is so much fun!

This summer, the first CLAY since the pandemic is being held in Waterloo Ontario with the theme of Ashes & Embers. And we would love to send a home team from the Diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI on an epic road trip to join this August. 

Are you interested in joining us for CLAY 2023 as a leader or youth participant? Contact by March 28th.

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