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Praying with the DEN Community led by the Rev.Tory Byrnes continues each Friday 9:30 am on Zoom. To obtain the link, please email   Each Friday at 9:30 we will host morning prayers on Zoom.  Prayers will take shape from different traditions and focus on various aspects of our relationship with the Creation.  This week, Jan.8, we take our cue from the Epiphany event of the Magi encounter with the Creator in the manger and use some Mi’kmaq prayers and imagery.  Next week the focus is on environmental destruction and poverty with Celtic-sourced prayers, - and so on through Epiphany. It is our hope that weekly (or more often) prayers will continue after Epiphany, through all seasons, led by you – individuals and parish  or other groups, who would like to lead online prayers once – or more often.  The DEN leadership can provide support, and some training in using Zoom if needed.  Think about it.  It would be a wonderful thing for every parish to take turns leading prayers on a regular basis.   For more information or questions or to share how you/your parish or group are praying for creation, please e-mail

To obtain the link Email 

Thanks to The Church of St Andrew for hosting.