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A Campaign from the Healthy Forest Coalition   FOR THE BIRDS  

All across Canada, people sheltering at home have delighted in the birds outside their windows. Now millions of migratory birds are arriving from their wintering grounds to the south. These birds, many so small they fit into the palm of a child’s hand, have flown thousands of kilometres to make their nests and raise their young in our forests.  They have a few short months to ensure the survival of their kind.   A long standing federal and international law, the Migratory Birds Convention Act, says it is illegal to destroy birds or their nests during breeding season but this law is not working. Across Canada, whole forests are cut down while the birds are on their nests. The only way to enforce the law so it actually protects the birds is to require a ‘silent season’. This means all the machines cutting and hauling trees out of our forests fall silent during nesting season. The birds can safely sing their hearts out.   What can we do?  

CELEBRATE the miraculous arrival of so many beautiful birds – from tiny ruby-throated hummingbirds to brilliant warblers to the shy hermit thrush. Check out Scott Leslie’s gorgeous photographs on or on our Facebook page. 

Please email the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change at , preferably with a cc to your MP and your MLA.  If you can, add a picture you have made to the email.   Here’s a possible version. Your own words are even better:   The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Our migratory birds need your help. The Migratory Birds Convention Act says it is illegal to destroy birds or their nests during breeding season but the law isn’t being enforced. We need a silent season in all our forests during breeding season. That means no logging operations (including the building of logging roads) from the beginning of May to the end of July. The dates may vary across the country but the principle is the same. Please help birds like the Canada Warbler shelter in place safely while they nest and raise their babies in our forests.  Yours sincerely, (Your name and province)   You could email the Prime Minister too at