New Paths - Caring for All of Creation

Nancy Blair, Dartmouth, NS

We are in a time of great uncertainty. We are seeing situations clearly, such as how we care for the elderly, that we want to do differently in the future, more compassionately. Amidst the fear and anxiety, uncertainty, confusion and grief, we are seeing great courage.  We are seeing opportunities and new paths - new paths, new ways of living in this world that ensure that we are loving and caring for all of creation, and becoming more human. I have been ‘collecting’ articles since January or this years. In the following articles, you see stories about people who are fighting for a ‘new normal’, where there is climate justice and when humans take their role as protectors of creation.

We are in covid time, but we are also is a climate emergency. We need to learn and adapt - quickly.

We must question our ‘need’ for economic growth as we move towards sustainable development.

Take a look at the covid time as a ‘Thin place” in Celtic spirituality.

Dr. Jane Goodall’s message is clear, we must change our relationship with wildlife, and there is hope that we can heal some of the harm that we have done.

We need to rethink our relationship with wildlife - for the sake of humans and all those creations we share this planet with.

The Dalai Lama’s message is that prayer is not we enough - we need compassion.

David Suzuki says that the pandemic provides the opportunity to transform how we live.

The Pope says that the Corona virus is not a punishment but a call to live differently.

Christians are called to look at how we live.

The Pandemic may usher in the end of the ‘throw away’ culture.

The global corona virus response shows that we can solve climate change.

The economic crisis could assist in the move to renewable energy.