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Thursday Night DEN Gatherings Resume THIS WEEK Sept. 9th at 7 pm.

Join us for What Really Counts with Ron Colman, GPI Atlantic.

Ronald Colman is the founder of GPI ( Genuine Progress Index) Atlantic, a nonprofit research group that built an index of wellbeing and sustainable development in Nova Scotia. He has worked with New Zealand government bodies and communities on measures of wellbeing, and spent ten years in Bhutan assisting the government’s development of holistic progress measures and of a new global economic paradigm that was presented to the United Nations. Ronald Colman’s new book, What Really Counts: The Case for a Sustainable and Equitable Economy dissects some of the most serious flaws of our present economic system and proposes a new economic paradigm of the kind the world desperately needs if humanity is to have a future. From Nova Scotia to New Zealand to Bhutan, Ron has worked hands-on with governments over more than two decades to adopt new measures of progress that properly account for the ecological, social and economic benefits and costs of economic activity. Ron will recount some of the real-life successes, failures and challenges he has experienced in the effort to shift policy from a narrow economic growth agenda toward a future based on sustainability and equity. Based on hard experience, he will suggest new ways of creating the changes that are needed, and show how counting what matters can help build a better world. Ron Colman’s book, What Really Counts, is available at Bookmark in Nova Scotia and PEI stores and on Amazon.  For more information Email Join Zoom Meeting: