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Hope & Inspiration 

Online Art Show hosted by the Diocesan
Environment Network.

(See schedule below.)

This on line show is a visual, collective show of Hope & Inspiration representing the need to raise awareness and to beat the drum that any small change can help heal and protect our lands and oceans and give our children a future they deserve.    

The 5th Mark of Mission, "To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth", will be highlighted through the visual arts of paintings (canvas, oil, water color and acrylics), sculptures and framed photography.            

Art can be a means of refreshing and renewing those involved in caring for creation as well as reaching out to the general public by raising awareness about the climate crisis. It is an important pastoral and missional role for the Diocese Environment Network.

Spiritual support and providing opportunities to connect with the community at large are part of caring for creation. It is important to respond to support people who are involved in expressions of love of creation through their art. An exhibit would support their vital work, build relationships and foster a continued partnership amongst all those involved.  

Our primary contact with the world in the city is aesthetic and visual. We are learning how to navigate the world visually and, in these pandemic times, virtually. Visual art is an immediate avenue for social and spiritual change. Further, art is a form of communication and an expression of ideas that words cannot express. Art has been a means of an expression of ideas throughout history.

The climate crisis is the most significant crisis of our time. Taking materials from the world, to represent the world through the spiritual medium of art, in a way that hints at a potentially different world; a sustainable world. In art we can project ideas we cannot receive in other ways.   In viewing art, we are reminded of the beauty in the world and are inspired to reconsider our relationship with it. Reconnecting with the earth and each other and appreciating the magnitude of the climate crisis inspires us to take better care of our planet.

In the environment movement, we recognize a need to come together to face this crisis and art, in all its forms, brings people together.  

The Artists: The exhibition will be a collective of artists concerned with caring for the earth. See attached bios and photos that are examples of their work.

Each week we will feature one of the artists. 

Week 1, Nov. 8-14 Dale Cook-painting

Learn more about the artist - Interview with Dale Cook:

Week 2, Nov. 15 -21 Wendy Bissett Beaver - painting

Week 3, Nov. 22 - 28 Donna Giles - photography

Week 4, Nov. 29 - Dec. 6 Luke Haugen-Strand - painting

Nov. 6, Opening

Painting parties (To register Email the week before so the artist can send you the list of art supplies needed for the event):

Nov. 8, 2pm-4pm Youth painting Party hosted by Wendy 

Nov 15 2pm-4pm Adult Painting Party hosted by Wendy

Nov 29, 2pm-4pm Youth Painting Party hosted by Nathan

For more information contact The Rev Marian Lucas-Jefferies at