(From the Building Healthy Parishes Team)

     Our Diocesan website features three new resources to assist parish leaders to identify and train for the ministry of visiting. There is a brochure for clergy to help determine who may be a suitable candidate for this important pastoral work. Two other documents outline Friendly Visiting for casual connections within a parish, and the other for Pastoral Visiting, which calls for more intentional spiritual and emotional care. These two are for lay and clergy leaders.

     Each resource includes some practical tips and suggestions for increasing capacity for this ministry in church communities. Visit the Diocesan website at,​​ then click on the ‘LEADERSHIP’ drop-down bar and go to ‘VSST & Task Groups’ to ‘Healthy Parishes.’ Under 'Diocesan Programs and Resources' click on 5.3 - 'Building Up Lay Ministry.' Have questions? E-mail [email protected] or phone 902-420-0717

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