"The Shadow of the Cross"

Inspiring Cantata for Good Friday

  St. Paul’s Anglican church (Charlottetown) presents "The Shadow of the Cross" - a contemporary Tenebrae cantata: moving choral music with 5-piece orchestral accompaniment ... in the superb acoustic of the magnificent Harris church.

  Friday, March 30th at 11:00 am - corner of Grafton & Church (across from DVA) in downtown Charlottetown

Information: 902-892-1691 …

A fine way to observe Good Friday

  On Friday morning, March 30th at 11:00 am, historic St. Paul’s Anglican church will present "The Shadow of the Cross", a contemporary Tenebrae cantata, as the principal part of the Good Friday church service.

  This is moving choral music, emotionally powerful.  It’s modern, but it incorporates pieces of well-loved hymns.  The narration tells about the week of Jesus' passion — the Passover supper, the Gethsemane garden, the trial, the crucifixion.  Orchestral accompaniment is by a quintet of flute, horn, viola, oboe and piano.

  This production made a forceful impression on the congregation when it was presented in past years, and is being remounted ‘by popular demand’.

  Tenebrae is the traditional 'service of darkness' for Holy Week.  There is meaningful symbolism as seven candles are progressively extinguished, leading to a final darkness.   The mood is meditative, but the music is sweetly lyrical and ultimately positive.  We can almost hear the parting of the shadows and sense the sunshine ready to break through the clouds.

  “The Shadow of the Cross” is the best-known work of Lloyd Larson whose choral, handbell, keyboard and instrumental works are widely published.

  St. Paul’s is the magnificent Harris church, famed for the warmth of its woodwork and the clarity of its acoustics -- the venue, for instance, for the annual PEI Jazz and Blues Festival.  It stands at the corner of Grafton and Church Streets in downtown Charlottetown, across from the Daniel MacDonald (DVA) building.

Information: 902-892-1691 …


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