Northwood Intouch

Northwood Intouch

Northwood Intouch is a local, non-profit service in Nova Scotia that offers different kinds of products that can allow seniors and people with disabilities to live independently at home for a longer period of time and helps give caregivers peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe. We offer products like medical alarms, fall sensors, medication dispensers, and stove sensors that can help people manage different needs at home so they can worry less and live more.

Intouch is also heavily affiliated with volunteer clubs throughout the province; it is volunteers from these clubs that go out into the community and install the units into people’s homes. We are interested in engaging communities and meaningfully supporting our seniors and their caregivers.       

Many seniors and caregivers participate in churches and church groups, and churches often have senior-oriented programming and informational services. Intouch gladly does community presentations and free demos of our equipment as well.

Falls are the leading cause of injuries to seniors in Nova Scotia.

After a fall, every second counts. That’s where Northwood Intouch can help.

Northwood Intouch is a non-profit organization offering a range of help buttons and automatic fall detectors that will enable you and your family to worry less about potential falls and start living more.

Installation is done by community volunteers, and funding assistance is available.

To start living more confidently, call 902-492-3346 or 1-800-461-3346.

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