Annual Returns and Finance Office Documents
-- Jan Connors

As each parish prepares for its Annual General Meeting, it is also time to prepare annual returns and financial forms to the Diocese.

Annual Return forms are linked HERE.  These include:

  • 2017 Parochial Return  (Parish financial return by which allotment exemptions are determined.)
  • 2017 Statistical Return (Statistical information required by the Diocese and compiled to provide stats required by the Anglican Church of Canada and determine the number of representatives the Diocese may send to General Synod and Provincial Synod.)
  • 2018 Parish Information Form (Contact information for those elected by the AGM as officers and members of Parish Council, as well as Regional Council reps, parish organizations leaders, and Lay Readers)

There is no Diocesan Synod in 2018.  Therefore there is no Certificate of Election for new Synod Delegates.



Finance Office forms, which may be relevant now and throughout the year, are linked HERE.  These include:

  • Deadlines for Payroll
  • Clergy and Lay salary advice forms
  • Priest-in-Charge payroll advice form
  • Change of Treasuer and/or Consolidated Trust Fund information
  • New Hire form
  • Travel agreement
  • Link to Federal and Provincial TD1 forms

Please download the applicable forms, complete and return by mail, fax or scanned to email.

Paper copies available ON REQUEST ONLY by Parish Clergy, Wardens, Treasurer or Administrator.  Please contact Jan Connors, Diocesan Administrative Assistant, at 902 420 0717.

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