M.O.S.T. VSST Environment Network

Everyone’s welcome to the Nov 21st meeting of the environment network will be held downstairs at St. Mark’s Church in the north end of the city. from 7-9 pm. They are not charging rent but ask people to bring a non perishable food item for the foodbank.



1) Welcome, introductions and opening prayer

2) A brief history of the network & structure in the Anglican Communion.

3) Environmental activities in Parishes

    - Who is doing what?

    -  What works? 
    -  What are the challenges?

    -  What supports are needed?  

4) Specific issues, interests and/or passions.

5) Where we want the network to go and what we want it to do?

6) Defining the role of the diocese, regional reps and members of the network (what do the participants want) and how do we communicate and keep people connected?

7) Greening Sacred Spaces video:

8) Other business?

9) Closing prayer


See you there! Marian

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