Synod Office Notices

Synod Office Closures:

The Synod Office will be closed on Friday afternoon, December 20th beginning at 1pm for a Staff Event.

The office will be open on Monday, December 23rd from 9am to 5pm. 

From Tuesday, December 24th through Wednesday, January 1st the Synod Office will be closed for the Christmas Season, reopening at 9am on Thursday, January 2nd.


Expression of Interest to Cater Diocesan Events

Now that the venue for Diocesan Council meetings and most Diocesan events has reverted to the new Anglican Diocesan Centre, the Synod Office is wishing to compile a list of local ACWs or other groups, who are currently providing catering services and who are interested in potentially providing catering services to the Diocese for meetings or events.

Depending on the size and nature of the meeting or event, this could be as simple as soup, sandwiches, salads, and squares/desserts which could be prepared elsewhere in approved kitchen facilities and brought to the Diocesan Centre.  Adherence to proper preparation of food and handling and known allergies is a must.

The ADC Kitchen space is not available for cooking yet (protocols are not finalized and anyone using the kitchen needs to be trained in the proper use of the equipment). Using the fully equipped kitchen facilities in the Great Hall does require a leader with the Food Handling Course certification, and adherence to the Anglican Diocesan Centre Corporation (ADCC) protocol.  At the moment, this is not an option for the Diocesan Office to use the ADC kitchen and, thus, we are putting the “call” out to local ACWs who are currently providing this service elsewhere and who would like to be part of this roster. 

If your group is interested, please email Pam Barkhouse at the Synod Office at [email protected]  with the following information:

Name of ACW/Group:

Food Handling Course (those preparing the food) – Yes or No

Food Preparation Offsite – In an approved kitchen facility to serve the public = Yes or No


Contact Person’s Name:

Phone number:

Email address:


Diocesan Heating Oil Program

The Diocese of NS and PEI Heating Oil Program with Irving Oil offers Churches of the Diocese and eligible Diocesan Clergy and Diocesan Staff a discounted rate based on non-profit status. This rate is not offered to individual Anglican parishioners. For more information, please contact: The Centralized Commercial Account Manager for the Diocesan Heating Oil Program, Ms. Jennifer Bishop by name at 1-888-310-1924 or by email at [email protected]

The Furnace Oil price for November 30th - December 6th, 2013 is $0.9257   per litre plus applicable taxes.


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