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Diocesan Cycle of Prayer





October 29

Chester, Nova Scotia

The Archdeacon Ian Wissler and Chris

St. Stephen’s, Chester

St. George’s, East River

All Saints, Canaan


Lockeport-Barrington, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Doug Chard, Priest-in-Charge

Holy Cross, Lockeport

Holy Trinity, Jordan Falls

Church of the Resurrection, Churchover



Provincial Prayer Care No. 117
Ecclesiastical Province of Canada


No. 118

October 2017


01 October       Ecclesiastical Province of Canada

Archbishop Percy Coffin/Archbishop Elect Ron Cutler

and the Provincial Council

08 October       Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Bishop Ron Cutler

15 October       Diocese of Québec

Bishop Bruce Myers

22 October       Diocese of Fredericton

Bishop David Edwards

29 October       Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land

Archbishop Gregory Kerr-Wilson and the Provincial Council



« The beauty of Canadian autumn (QUE) * The ministry of Layreaders (QUE) * Deacons  Douglas Johnson, John LeGresley, Joy Carson (QUE) * For a life of abundance in a world where many go without (QUE) * A new community playground on church property in Petitcodiac (FRED)  Diocesan Youth Ministries conference (FRED) * Vital Church Maritimes conference (FRED) * Fall Alpha courses (FRED) * Those who were confirmed this year (FRED) * New and newly retired clergy (FRED) * A successful harvest and food to share (ENL) * Leaders of our youth groups (ENL)  * Students of many faith and traditions training for ordained and non-ordained ministry at Queen’s College. (ENL) * The work of the Home Again Furniture Bank (ENL) * The Work of the Society and Justice Committee of the Diocese of East NL (ENL) * Regional presentations of MORE Mission School (NSPEI) * Ongoing observance of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (NSPEI) * Harvest time and those who provide our food (NSPEI) * Dedicated Clergy (WNL) * Meeting Jesus at the border (MTL)


« Those who are working so hard because of the recent natural disasters, and those affected (CNL) * Parishes and congregations who have youth ministries (CNL) * Students and faculty at Queen’s College, that they will be blessed with growth in knowledge, faith and commitment as they undertake their studies this year (ENL) * Diocese of Western Newfoundland during transition (WNL)


  • 1 - The Rev. Canon John Courage retiring after 36 years of ministry (ENL)
  • 1 – The Rev. Ed Keeping new ministry as Chaplain to the St. John’s Hospitals (ENL)
  • 3-5 - PEI Regional Visitation (NSPEI)
  • 4 - The Ordination of Joshua Paetkau as Deacon at Saint Andrew, York (QUE)
  • 5 – Diocesan Council (FRED)
  • 6-8, The Labrador Planning and Strategy Gatherings in Goose Bay. (ENL)
  • 6-8, the work of the Labrador Planning and Strategy Committee (ENL)
  • 7 - Jennifer Rumbolt of Mary’s Harbour, Lab, ordination to the Diaconate (ENL)
  • 11-12 - Regional Deans meeting(NSPEI)
  • 13-14 - Meeting of Diocesan Council(NSPEI)
  • 13 – 15 - Cursillo Learners Workshop in Corner Brook (WNL)
  • 15- all those attending the parade for the 125th Anniversary of the CLB (ENL)
  • 15 – 17 - CACS Meeting in Corner Brook (WNL)
  • 17-18: For clergy attending the conference in the Deanery of Anglican East (ENL)
  • 19 - Rev. Rudolph Anthony induction, Rector, Parish of St. Augustine, (ENL)
  • 20 – 22 – Licensed Lay Ministers Conference (CNL)
  • 22 - Festival Evensong for the Healing Fund(NSPEI)
  • 22- The induction of Rev. Kenute Francis, Rector of the Parish of Bay Roberts(ENL)
  • 23-27 - National House of Bishops
  • 24 – The Nones and Dones & Church Planting Conferences (MTL)
  • 25-26 - Clergy peer mentoring group #3 (FRED)
  • 26-28 - Diocesan Youth Conference(NSPEI)
  • 27 - Gathering of Retired Clergy and Widows(NSPEI)
  • 27 – 29 - Women’s Conference/Camp (CNL)
  • 28 - The Avalon Archdeaconry Youth Ministry gathering at the Cathedral (ENL)
  • 29- Induction of Archdeacon Josiah Noel, Rector, Parish of Spaniards Bay (ENL)
  • 30 – Supper Club (MTL)

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