Prayer Cycles

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer


Chebucto Region


June 4


St. Mark’s, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Reverend John Morrell and Kathy

The Reverend Vivien Hannon Assistant Priest, and Patrick

The Reverend James Purchase, Honorary Assistant


Church of the Apostles, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Mark Marshall and Daphne


Pray for the Ordinations

June 6th, 2017 - Parish of Hubbards

June 22nd, 2017 - Cathedral Church of All Saints


Provincial Prayer Care

Provincial Prayer Care
Ecclesiastical Province of Canada


No. 116

 June 2017

04 June            Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Bishop Geoffrey Peddle

11 June            Diocese of Central Newfoundland

Bishop John Watton

18 June            Diocese of Western Newfoundland

Archbishop Percy Coffin

25 June            National Indigenous Bishop and the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples

Bishop Mark McDonald

JUNE 2017



« Volunteers that prepare the churches for our summer congregations (QUE) * The work of the Synod Planning Committee (MON) * All who participate in leadership of Christian education programs (MON) * The Ministry provided to prisons and other institutions (ENL) * For vocations to priesthood and the diaconate. That the call to ministry will be heard by individuals and supported by the broader Church (ENL) *  Anglican Church Women (ACW) and the contribution to their parishes (ENL) * Father’s Day and all Christian Fathers (ENL) * For those parishes completing their Refugee Sponsorship (ENL) * Parish Anniversaries (NSPEI) * ‘ MORE’ Mission Schools throughout the diocese (NSPEI) * The newly confirmed (FRED) * Diocesan camp staff and registered campers (FRED) * New relationships as a result of the bishop’s pilgrimage (FRED) * Killdevil Youth Camps (WNL) * Ordinations and Parish Appointments (WNL)



« Opening of our summer churches in Cacouna, Métis Beach, Cap-à-l’Aigle and Murray Bay (QUE) * All who are starting summer vacations and will be travelling (QUE) * Recent graduates as they start the next phase in their lives (MON) * Vacationers: for safety and refreshment (MON) * Faith in the Public Square with special guest The Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson (ENL) * Ministry of Queen’s Theological College (ENL) * For an increase in vocations to priesthood diaconate and religious life (ENL) * A safe and enjoyable summer for all children, teachers and staff (ENL) * Diocesan Summer Camps at the Lavrock Centre, Diocese of ENL * Safe Summer holidays for teachers and students (WNL)


  • 3 – Electoral Synod (WNL)
  • 6 - Ordination of Bill MacDonald to the diaconate (NSPEI)
  • 10 - PEI ACW Board Annual Meeting (NSPEI)
  • 11 - Layreader training on preaching (FRED)
  • 12-15 Diocesan Clergy College (FRED)
  • 13-14 Meeting of Archdeacons (NSPEI)
  • 14-15 - Meeting of Regional Deans (NSPEI)
  • 16-17 - Meeting of Diocesan Council (NSPEI)
  • 17 - Diocesan Synod (MON)
  • 18 - Ordination of deacons and priests (FRED)
  • 18 - ACW Lenten Quiet Day (NSPEI)
  • 22 - Ordination of Transitional Deacons (NSPEI)
  • 22 - Diocesan Council meeting (FRED)



Anglican-Lutheran Cycle of Prayer

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