SYNOD 2017 - Attention Synod Delegates

Changes to the Election Process at Synod

In the past, Synod members have said that they need more information about candidates for elected positions.  This year, we are trying two ways to give Synod members that information as we prepare to elect delegates to General Synod (2019), Provincial Synod (2018) and youth members of Diocesan Council.


(1) Those who are nominated for a position will be asked to write one paragraph about why the position interests them and one paragraph about the gifts which they bring to these councils of the Church.  (A fresh set of eyes is a gift!)

This information will be collected:

(a) on the Synod member online registration form, for Synod members who are willing to be nominated, or

(b) on the nomination form (if not already provided on registration).

When the nominations close, the responses will be put into a single document which will be provided electronically to Synod members (with a limited number of paper copies available at Synod).


(2) Those who are nominated will be given a brightly-coloured button to wear while at Synod, so that Synod members can identify them and speak informally with them before voting.

Please contact the Synod Office if you have any questions about this process.  Someone from Synod Arrangements would be happy to help.

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