Prayer Cycles

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

Valley Region


August 6


Avon Valley, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Tom Henderson

The Reverend James Small, Honorary Assistant, and Joan

            St. George’s, Falmouth

            St. Michael’s, Windsor Forks

            All Saints, Leminster

            St. Thomas’, Three Mile Plains

            St. Andrew’s, Hantsport


Aylesford with Berwick, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Mel Malton

            Christ Church, Berwick

            St. Mary’s, Auburn

            Christ Church, Morden


Cornwallis, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Maya Bevan

            St. John’s, Port Williams

            St. Michael and All Angels, Canning

            St. Thomas’, Kingsport

St. John’s, Wolfville (Horton), Nova Scotia

Archdeacon Sandra Fyfe and James

The Reverend Ann Watson, Deacon

The Reverend Dr. Bruce Matthews, Honorary Assistant, and Pamela

Provincial Prayer CareEcclesiastical Province of Canada

No. 117

August 2017 – September 2017



06 August        The Primate and the Council of General Synod

Archbishop Fred Hiltz

13 August        Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario

Archbishop Colin Johnson and the Provincial Council

20 August        Diocese of Montréal

Bishop Mary Irwin-Gibson

27 August        Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and the Yukon

Archbishop John Privett and the Provincial Council

03 September   Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Bishop Geoffrey Peddle

10 September   Diocese of Central Newfoundland

Bishop John Watton

17 September   Diocese of Western Newfoundland

Archbishop Percy Coffin / Bishop Elect John Meaden

24 September   National Indigenous Bishop and the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples

Bishop Mark McDonald

JULY 2017


« July 1, The 150th Anniversary of Confederation NSPEI * 100th Birthday of the Rev. Canon Russell Elliott NSPEI * July 9, 200th Anniversary of Christ Church, Dartmouth NSPEI * For The Rev. Edward Keeping and his nine years of ministry at the parish of St. Philip's, ENL * The continued ministry of retired clergy as they provide summer relief for those on vacation, ENL * Newly ordained clergy: The Reverends Jane Bell, Stanley Brooks and Jean-Daniel Williams, MONT * Rev Alain Brousseau as he takes his Anglican Military Ordinariate, MONT * Newly ordained priests Dan, David and Kevin; and deacons Dwight and John, FRED * Hospitality and blessings received by Bishop David while on his walking pilgrimage through the Archdeaconry of Moncton, FRED * Visit of Caleb and Hope of Bishop McAllister School in Uganda, FRED * Family ties during the summer holidays QUE * Vacations and quality time with loved ones QUE * The employment that our youth are accomplishing during their vacation period QUE * The joy of being out in nature at summer cottages with picnics, barbeques and playing in the sun QUE * Good weather for summer holidays and safe travel WNL * Congregations and parishes that have lost a large part of their membership through the aging and death of many of their members, changed demographics, and various internal problems CNL




« Parishes in Transition NSPEI * The ministry of all Chaplaincy services throughout the province, ENL * Leaders and participants in Vacation Bible Schools, ENL * The Parish of St. Philips as they search for a new rector, ENL * Rev Michelle Eason as she takes sabbatical, MONT * The safety of loved ones as they travel for summer holidays, MONT * Summer programs at Camps Medley and Brookwood, FRED * Summer churches in Cacouna, Métis Beach, Malbaie, Tadoussac, Acton Vale, Maple Grove and

Rivière-du-Loup, QUE * All migrant workers who are away from their families  QUE * Clergy and Layreaders who enjoy summer vacation QUE * Those who are considering suicide instead of life QUE * Families who have lost loved ones to suicide or other illness QUE * Killdevil and other children’s camps WNL * Clergy renewal and refreshment WNL

  • 2-9 - Diocesan Choir School, FRED
  • 10-14 – all girls and leaders who are attending summer camp at Lavrock, ENL
  • 17-21 – all boys, girls, and leaders attending summer camp at Lavrock, ENL
  • 30 – Aug 4 - The Boys and Girls Camp taking place at Max Simms Memorial Camp CNL

Anglican-Lutheran Cycle of Prayer

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