Lt. General Roméo Dallaire speaks on Trauma, Evil and Resilience

Lt. General Roméo Dallaire speaks on Trauma, Evil and Resilience


Atlantic School of Theology (AST) announces the Second Annual Archbishop James M. Hayes Symposium: Trauma, Suffering and Resilience on May 15, 16, and 17 in Halifax, NS. The Symposium is a learning opportunity for the ongoing professional development of health care providers, spiritual care practitioners, and those interested in broadening their understanding of Trauma,  Suffering and Resilience.


The Hayes Symposium is honoured to feature a wide range of gifted presenters.  This year’s keynote address will be given by Lt General Roméo Dallaire on Trauma, Evil and Resilience.  He will speak Monday evening at 7:00 in St. Andrew’s United Church (corner of Robie Street and Coburg Road.)  The Monday evening is open to the public and free of charge.   Other featured Symposium speakers include the Rev. Dr. Russ Daye, the Rev. David Maginley, Padre Wendy L. Kean (Capt), and the Rev. Dr. Linda Yates.  The Symposium will also call upon the expertise of several distinguished  panelists and discussants including: Dr. David Deane, Dr. Alyda Faber, The Rev. Dr. Lennett Anderson, Ms. Tracey McCallum and the Rev. Dr. Marjorie Lewis. For information and registration contact Atlantic School of Theology.


The annual Hayes Symposium honours the compassionate legacy of Archbishop James M. Hayes, former Bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax.  While he served as a dynamic and progressive bishop, those who knew Archbishop Hayes intimately recognize him first and foremost as a Pastor of Souls.  It is in that spirit that the 2017 Symposium seeks to explore the graphic reality of trauma with a searing examination of those times in which trauma shifts from a catastrophic event into the realm of evil and destruction.  


Traumatic events are extraordinary not because of their rarity but because they possess the capacity to overwhelm the ordinary human ability for adaptation. Traumatic events can devastate the ordinary systems that give people a sense of control, connection and meaning.  Trauma possesses the capacity to move into the deep unconscious structures of both individuals and cultures.  This three-day event will explore the multidimensional way that traumatic events penetrate our world and the consequence of such an emotion laden incursion not only in the immediate proximity of the trauma but for the generations that follow. 


Lead by Lt General Dallaire’s address the symposium will examine trauma both at the level of the particular and the collective.  Narrative realities include trauma in a rural Nova Scotia community and the intergeneration trauma lived by African-Nova Scotian as well as the larger global context.  AST recognizes that leaders come in all forms.  Its programs and this Symposium seek to address the theological, ethical and practical challenges of today’s world.

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