Prayer Cycles for April 10th, 2016

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer



April 10th


Seaforth, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Kyle Wagner and Julie

The Reverend Fred Grainger, Associate Priest

            St. James’, Seaforth

            St. Mark’s, Porter’s Lake

            St. Augustine’s, Lake Echo

            St. Barnabas’, Head of Chezzetcook

            Christ Church, Lower East Chezzetcook



Provincial Prayer Care

Provincial Prayer Care
Ecclesiastical Province of Canada

APRIL 2016


For the beauty of spring and the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ (QUE) ŸThe ministries of military chaplaincies (QUE)Ÿ New conversions and all who were reached with the Easter Story (ENL) ŸFor our University Chaplaincy and St. Augustine’s participation (ENL) ŸThe ministry of hospitality (ENL) Ÿ Visioning, searching, deepening, and cleansing (ENL) Ÿ Spiritual filling and increased knowledge of Jesus (ENL) Ÿ The mission and ministry of the Standing Committees of the Diocese (MONT) Ÿ ReImagining Church sessions led by the Rev Nick Brotherwood (MONT) Ÿ Funding for and the successful brain surgery on 2-year-old Colin Ranson (FRED) Ÿ Appointment of a Parish Development Officer (FRED) Ÿ Welcoming and support of refugees (FRED) Ÿ Ministry of retired clergy (FRED) Ÿ Nova Scotia ACW Annual Gathering (Apr. 23) (NSPEI) Ÿ Positive response of the Diocese to the Syrian Refugee Appeal (CNL) Ÿ Ministry of Diocesan Licensed Lay Ministers and Eucharistic Assistants (CNL) Ÿ The graduation of our Seminarians (WNL) Ÿ Our cathedral's Syrian family and support team (WNL)

PLEASE PRAY FOR: «  For a pastor for our North Shore churches(QUE) ŸTheological students writing exams (QUE) ŸResidential school survivors (QUE) Ÿ For our Furniture Bank, its ministry team and Church of the Ascension’s participation (ENL) Ÿ Safety of all those working in the inshore and offshore fishery (ENL) Ÿ Our companion Diocese of Belize (ENL) Ÿ Graduating Seminarians (WNL) Ÿ Vocations Discernment Event (WNL)

  • 4 - 10 The National House of Bishops (QUE/MONT/NSPEI/CNL)
  • 7 - World Health Day (QUE)
  • 8-10 – Godly Play training (FRED)
  • 10 – The Induction of the Rev Graham Singh as incumbent of St James Montreal (MONT)
  • 12-13 - Regional Deans and Diocesan Executive (CNL)
  • 14 - Priesting of Kay Short
  • 14–16 - Diocesan Synod (WNL)
  •  15-16 - Meeting of Diocesan Council (NSPEI)
  • 17 - Deaconing of Jennifer Renouf
  • 17 – 20 – Episcopal Council Retreat (MONT)
  • 21 - Ordination to the Diaconate: Derrick James Bishop, Barbara Ann Boone, Verna Ruby Chislett, Lisa Cecile Emily Cox, Douglas Kean, Christine Lynch (transitional) (ENL)
  • 21-24 - Diocesan Synod (ENL)
  • 22 - International Mother Earth Day (QUE)
  • 23 - English Language Day (QUE)
  • 23 – Diocesan Mothers’ Union Rally (FRED)
  • 27-28 – Clergy peer mentoring program (FRED)
  • 29 - Meeting of the Central Board of Church Society(QUE)
  • 29 - Annual General Meeting of the Church Society of the Diocese of Quebec
  • 30 – Wardens and Treasurers Day (FRED)
  • April 29-May 1 - Diocesan Electoral Synod and Deaconing of Tryphina Vallis (CNL)

Anglican-Lutheran Cycle of Prayer

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