Prayer Cycles

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer



May 22

The Cathedral Church of All Saints, Halifax, Nova Scotia
The Reverend Very Reverend Paul Smith, Dean, and Frances The Reverend Heather MacEachern, Deacon,
and Blair
The Reverend Dr. Helen Ryding, Assistant Priest, and David Lyttle The Reverend Dr. Davena Davis,
Honorary Assistant
The Reverend Ronald Harris, Honorary Assistant, and Gwyneth The Reverend Canon Fred Krieger,
Honorary Assistant, and Janet The Reverend Canon John Smith, Honorary Assistant
The Reverend John Swain, Honorary Assistant
The Reverend Keirsten Wells, Honorary Assistant, and Tony Barresi


Provincial Prayer Care

Provincial Prayer Care
Ecclesiastical Province of Canada

MAY 2016


«  The ongoing tourism project in the Cathedral Close (QUE) ŸStudents finishing their studies and heading home to families (QUE) Ÿ 175th anniversary of Queen’s College (ENL) Ÿ For mothers and for the love of family and friends (ENL) Ÿ For those parishes sponsoring refugees and those who are supporting them (ENL) Ÿ Youth group leaders (ENL) Ÿ Work and opportunities to serve (ENL) Ÿ Dean Kay Gray, inducted May 1st in Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior, partner of the Diocese of Montreal Ÿ Synod Planning Committee (MONT)Ÿ The beauty and warmth of spring (MONT) Ÿ Ordinations of deacons and priests (MONT) Ÿ New bishops, especially the Rt. Rev. Bruce Myers, co-adj. Quebec (MONT) Ÿ Ministry of Layreaders (FRED) Ÿ Theological study program graduates (FRED) Ÿ Our companion dioceses: Ho in Ghana and Yukon (FRED) Ÿ National Conference of the Mother’s Union (NSPEI) Ÿ Diocesan Clergy Conference May 3-5 (NSPEI) Ÿ Those graduating from Atlantic School of Theology (NSPEI) Ÿ Ministry of Cursillo (CNL) Ÿ Ministry of the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (CNL) Ÿ the members of ACFC (WNL) Ÿ AJIT Committee (WNL) Ÿ Cursillo Movement  (WNL)

PLEASE PRAY FOR: «  Prison chaplains,  St. Thomas’ participation, and our ecumenical team (ENL) Ÿ Hospital chaplains (ENL) Ÿ Synod office staff and Bishop Peddle (ENL) Ÿ Leaders and members of Church Lads Brigade (ENL) Ÿ Vocational Deacons Workshop (MONT) Ÿ Preparations for General Synod (MONT) Ÿ That Safe Harbour Transitional teen house can reopen (FRED)

  • 20-23 – Teens Encounter Christ youth weekend (FRED)
  • 20–23 - Cursillo Weekend (WNL)
  • 21-23 - Teens Encounter Christ Weekend (NSPEI)
  • 25 - Ordination to the diaconate of Carol Edgar and Adele Finlayson (QUE)
  • 26 – Faithcare for Clergy – for building and strengthening parish relationships in times of conflict (MONT)
  • 27-29 – Youth Mission Conference AND Clergy Spouses Retreat(FRED)
  • 28 - Consecration of Archdeacon Nigel Shaw as bishop ordinary to the Can Forces (QUE)
  • 29 International Day of UN Peacekeepers (QUE)
  • April 29 – June 12 – Bishop David’s walking pilgrimage (FRED)

Anglican-Lutheran Cycle of Prayer

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