April 01


Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia 

Archdeacon Marilyn Newport, Priest-in-Charge

            St. Barnabas’, Ecum Secum

            St. John’s, Necum Teuch

            St. Paul’s, Ecum Secum West


Shared Ministry of the Anglican Parishes of Musquodoboit & Ship Harbour

The Reverend Andrew Mortimer and Janet

The Reverend Marilyn Murphy, Associate Parish Priest

            St. Thomas’, Musquodoboit Harbour

            St. James’, Head of Jeddore


 Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia


St. Stephen’s, Ship Harbour               St. Matthew’s, Owl’s Head

St. John’s, Oyster Pond                       St. James’, Upper Lakeville


Port Dufferin, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Gary Barr, and Gayle


              St. James’, Port Dufferin       

            St. Mary’s, Harrigan Cove

            St. Margaret’s, Sober Island

            St. Andrew’s, Watt Section


April 08


Seaforth, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Evelyn Knorr

The Reverend Fred Grainger, Associate Parish Priest


            St. James’, Seaforth

            St. Mark’s, Porter’s Lake

            St. Augustine’s, Lake Echo

            St. Barnabas’, Head of Chezzetcook

            Christ Church, Lower East Chezzetcook


April 15


Tangier, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Lorraine Otto


            Holy Trinity, Tangier

            St. James’, Spry Bay

            St. Andrew’s, Spry Harbour

             St. Thomas’, Mooseland

            St. Paul’s, Mushaboom

            St. Peter’s, Murphy Cove

St. Michael’s and All Angels, Sheet Harbour


Retired Clergy of Eastern Shore Region:

The Reverend Pamela Bishop and Bill

The Reverend Kathleen Knott

The Reverend Katherine Tait

The Reverend Tricia Ingram and Dave


Widows of Eastern Shore Region:

Mrs. Bernice Logan

Mrs. Sandra Wagner



April 22


Christ Church, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Kyle Wagner and Julie

The Reverend Jane Clattenburg, Pastoral Visitor


St. Andrew’s, Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Katherine Bourbonniere and Brian

The Reverend Walter Beazley, Associate Parish Priest, and Brenda

The Reverend Gary Giles, Associate Parish Priest, and Dawn-Marie


Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Caitlin Ratcliffe

            St. Peter’s, Eastern Passage

            Christ Church, Cow Bay 



Saint Andrew’s United Church, Halifax

Saturday, May 5th, 2018


Cathedral Church of All Saints

Monday, May 14th, 2018


April 29


Holy Trinity Emmanuel, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Kees Zwanenburg


Holy Spirit, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Edwin Ebsary and Monica


St. Alban’s, Woodside, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Frances Drolet-Smith and Paul Smith


St. Andrew’s, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Robert Richmond, Priest-in-Charge, and Narda Carmona

The Reverend Canon Ed Fiander, Honorary Assistant, and Carol

The Reverend Bert Chestnut, Associate Parish Priest [on leave]


May 6


St. Luke’s, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Matthew Sponagle and Katie


St. John’s, Westphal, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Tricia Ingram, Priest-in-Charge, and Dave




Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, Halifax

May 31, 2018



May 13

Retired Clergy of Dartmouth Region:

The Reverend Canon Charles Black and Shirlie

The Reverend Canon Edward Fiander and Carol

The Reverend Ernest Linton and Margaret

The Reverend Canon Peter MacDonald

The Reverend Louise MacHardy

The Reverend Kirby Walsh and Linda

The Reverend Bruce Ward and Susan

The Reverend Barry Connor



Mrs. Mary Cluett

Mrs. Corrine Earle 

Mrs. Edith Ebsary

Mrs. Elizabeth Pitt

Mrs. Patti Reid

Mrs. Marjorie Davis Snow

Mrs. Sheila Ferguson






May 20


The Cathedral Church of All Saints, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Very Reverend Paul Smith, Dean, and Frances

The Reverend Heather MacEachern, Deacon, and Blair

The Reverend Ray Carter, Deacon, and Heather

The Reverend Dr. Helen Ryding, Assistant Priest, and David Lyttle

The Reverend Dr. Davena Davis, Honorary Assistant

The Reverend Ronald Harris, Honorary Assistant, and Gwyneth

The Reverend Canon Fred Krieger, Honorary Assistant, and Janet

The Reverend Canon John Smith, Honorary Assistant, and Greg

The Reverend John Swain, Honorary Assistant

The Reverend Canon Keirsten Wells, Honorary Assistant, and Tony Barresi







May 27


St. James’, Armdale, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Rachael Parker and Robert

The Reverend Canon David Boston, Hon. Assistant


St. George’s, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Nicholas Hatt


St. Margaret of Scotland, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Canon Charles Bull and Michelle




June 3


St. Mark’s, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Reverend John Morrell and Kathy

The Reverend Vivien Hannon Assistant Priest, and Patrick

The Reverend James Purchase, Honorary Assistant


Church of the Apostles, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Mark Marshall and Daphne






June 10

St. Augustine’s, Jollimore, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Donald Shipton, Priest-in-Charge, and Corinne Steele


Falkland and Purcell’s Cove, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Helen Ryding, Priest-in-Charge, and David Lyttle


            St. Philip’s, Purcell’s Cove

            St. James’, Herring Cove

             St. David’s, Portuguese Cove


June 17


St. Paul’s, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Dr. Paul Friesen and Janet

The Reverend Canon Gordon Redden, Honorary Assistant, and Mary Lu

The Reverend Neale Bennet, Honorary Assistant, and Sharon

The Reverend Debra Burleson, Honorary Assistant, and Chris

Trinity, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Reverend David Dellapinna, Priest-in-Charge, and Beverley


Emmanuel, Spryfield, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Michelle Bull, and Charles


St. Peter’s, Birch Cove, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Elliott Siteman, and Wendy-Faye



June 24


Retired Clergy of Chebucto Region:

The Reverend Carson Baxter

The Reverend Canon David Boston

The Reverend Kerry Bourke

The Reverend Jane Clattenburg 

The Reverend Dr. Davena Davis

The Reverend  Canon Carolyn Tomlin and John

The Reverend Canon Rod Gillis and Wendy

The Reverend Peter Harris

The Reverend Ronald Harris and Gwyneth

The Reverend Randal Johnston

The Reverend Canon Fred Krieger and Janet

The Reverend Irving Letto and Maizie

The Most Reverend Arthur G. Peters and Elizabeth

The Reverend James Purchase

The Reverend Don Shipton and Corinne Steele

The Reverend Canon John Smith and Greg

The Reverend John Swain

The Reverend Dennis Walsh and Maureen                                                        

 The Reverend Mary Wilkie and Raymond

On Leave:


The Reverend Christopher Snook, and Barb Swanson


Clergy Widows:


Mrs. Marian Andrews                      

Mrs. Gwen Richard                           Mrs. Lillian Miller

Mrs. Barbara Ellis                              Mrs. Kaye Pottie

Mrs. Mary Kirby                                Mrs. Christine Brush

Mrs. Verna Dowding Smith                          Mrs. Sandra Relf

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