MORE Mission School

ATTENTION: Lay and Clergy in the PEI REGION and surrounding area!


MORE – Regional Mission Schools


Want MORE for your church?

God wants MORE for you too.


MORE brings together “It’s About the World” and feedback from delegates to Diocesan Synod 2015. It offers an exciting opportunity for us to be MORE, and MORE the people and Church that God wants for us to be – mission-focused and moving strongly in every community of our Diocese.


MORE is based on God’s desire to give the world MORE of what it really needs – hope, love, and freedom.  MORE is not a program, but a way of seeing ourselves and our church transformed so we can grow!  God’s plan is that the church should and can grow.


“MORE” runs from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Session #1 is entitled Missional Possible. Lay and Clergy are encouraged to attend these FREE learning events. Lunch is provided.


`MORE` Mission Schools are planned for:


  • Prince Edward Island Region - Oct. 15, 2016 in St. Paul`s, Charlottetown.
    • Deadline to register – Oct. 12


  • Cape Breton Region - Nov. 5, 2016 in St. George’s Hall, Nepean St., Sydney.
    • Deadline to register – Nov. 2


TO REGISTER: Contact Kathy Saunders - (902) 420-0717 or [email protected]




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