Prayer Cycles

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

November 5

PRAY FOR VETERANS OF THE CANADIAN ARMED FORCES AND THE MINISTRY OF ARMED FORCES CHAPLAINS.We remember this day the Anglican Priests who serve their country for our Diocese. :

Capt. the Rev’d Leonard Bednar

Capt. the Rev’d Maya Bevan

LCol. (Retired) the Rev’d Andrew Cooke and Valerie

Capt. the Rev’d Kent Greer

Capt. the Rev’d Jim McCorriston

LCol. the Rev’d Canon Todd Meaker and Theresa

Capt. (Retired) the Rev'd Bruce Murray

Lt.(N) the Rev’d Robert Parker and Rachael

LCol. (Retired) the Rev’d Canon Dr. Gary Thorne and Sandra


PRAY FOR Campus Ministers and Campus Ministry in the Diocese of NS & PEI

The Reverend Sandra Fyfe - Parish of Horton / Acadia University

The Reverend Canon Dr. Gary Thorne – Dalhousie University/University of King’s College

The Reverend Sue Channen – St. Xavier University


Charles Simeon, 1836 - November 12

 Charles Simeon, a priest at Cambridge in England raised awareness of and began the notion of Campus Ministry.



November 12


Shelburne, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Ed Trevors and Naniya

Christ Church, Shelburne

Union Church, Lower Ohio


South Queens, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Michelle Cockell, Priest-in-Charge

The Reverend Judy Cross, Associate Parish Priest, and Glenn

St. John’s, Eagle Head

Holy Redeemer, Port Medway

St. Andrew’s, Brooklyn

Trinity, Liverpool

St. James’, Hunt’s Point


November 19


Yarmouth and Tusket, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Helen Chandler and John Overton

Holy Trinity, Yarmouth


Retired Clergy of the South Shore Region:

The Reverend Frances Boutilier

The Reverend Canon Eric Ingraham

The Reverend Linda Macdonald

The Reverend Barbara Minard

The Reverend Gillian Neville-Ball and John Ball

The Reverend Oliver Osmond and Rosalie

The Reverend Alvin Westgate and Cathy Ramey

The Very Reverend John Wright and Mary

The Reverend Gordon Druggett and Donna

The Reverend Ronald Barkhouse, and Peggy

The Reverend Bonnie Baird



Mrs. June Coote

Mrs. Catherine Rigby




November 26


Amherst, Nova Scotia

The Reverend William Ferrey and Allie

The Reverend Charlotte Ross, Associate Parish Priest, and Dale

            Christ Church, Amherst

            Church of the Good Shepherd, Tignish


Parrsboro Shore, Nova Scotia

The Rev. Dr. Brian Spence

            St. George’s, Parrsboro

            St. Mark’s, Moose River

            Christ Church, Parrsboro Road

            Holy Trinity, Fox River

Provincial Prayer Care No. 117
Ecclesiastical Province of Canada


No. 118

November 2017


05 November    The Primate and the Council of General Synod

Archbishop Fred Hiltz

12 November    Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario

Archbishop Colin Johnson and the Provincial Council

19 November    Diocese of Montréal

Bishop Mary Irwin-Gibson

26 November    Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and the Yukon

Archbishop John Privett and the Provincial Council


  • 7-9 - Eastern Shore Regional Visitation (NSPEI)
  • 10-11 - Missional Leadership Course (MTL)
  • 10-12 – The Council of General Synod meeting and all members of the Council. (ENL)
  • 16- Annual Bishop’s Dinner (MTL)
  • 16 - Dean and Chapter Annual Meeting (NSPEI)
  • 16 – Bishop’s Counsel (FRED)
  • 17-19 – Diocese of Central Newfoundland Vocations Conference (CNL)
  • 19 - the confirmation candidates in the Parish of Upper Island Cove (ENL)
  • 24-26 - Community of Associate Parish Priests Formation Weekend (NSPEI)
  • 26 - The Ordination of Gabriel Kwenga and Gene Ross as Deacons at the Church of Saint George, Lennoxville (QUE)
  • 30 - Ordination of Priests (NSPEI)


« Having purpose in our lives and the capacity to share the gospels of Christ (QUE) * The ministry of Archbishop Percy, outgoing Metropolitan, and for Archbishop Ron, incoming (FRED) * The work of Chancellors (FRED) * Mothers’ Union groups (FRED) * Those who gave their lives to protect others.(ENL)* Parish,Sunday school children and teachers and the leaders of every ministry at All Saints, Pouch Cove. (ENL) * The work of the New Diocesan Commission on Parish Renewal and Viability (ENL) * The work of the Religious Social Action Coalition NL as directors from Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh, and Muslim faith communities work together to advocate for living wage, and the elimination of poverty in Newfoundland and Labrador (ENL) * Remembrance of those killed in time of war (NSPEI) * Thanksgiving for those serving in our Armed Forces (NSPEI) * The work of Tri-Diocesan Management Committee (WNL)



«            The development of Christian Vocation, both lay and ordained (ENL) * Spiritual guidance in palliative care settings(ENL) * The Parish of St. Thomas’, St. John’s and the launch of its new Vision (ENL) * The work of the New Diocesan Commission on Parish Renewal and Viability (ENL) * Rev. Randy Lockyer as he begins his ministry in St. Philips (ENL) * Tri-Diocesan Executive Officers Centre in St. John’s (WNL) * National Executive Officers Conference in Vancouver (WNL) * Ordination to Priesthood – Mario, Clare & Nath (WNL)

  • 1 - Installation of Bishop Cutler as Metropolitan (NSPEI)
  • 1 - 2 - Provincial House of Bishops
  • 2-7 – The visit of Bishop Mark McDonald, The National Indigenous Bishop, coming to share the stories of our Indigenous brothers and sisters (CNL)
  • 3-5 - Men’s Camp/Conference (CNL)
  • 4 – Diocesan Synod (FRED)
  • 4 - The Ordination of Carol Edgar and Adele Finlayson as Priests at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Quebec City (QUE)

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