Council of the North Sunday during Lent

Dear Friends,

On behalf of those who live and work in the Council of the North I want to thank you for the ongoing and generous support we receive from congregations like yours.
The Council of the North faces unique challenges: vast distances, isolation, the continuing effects of poverty, and the legacy of the residential school system. All of these contribute to an increased level of pastoral needs. However, the Council is responding to these challenges with faith, innovation and heroically sacrificial ministry.

During this upcoming 2014 Lenten season,
I would like to encourage your parish to partner with us by hosting a

Council of the North Sunday

New 2014 Lenten resources now available
For the first time, we have available a Council of the North Lenten liturgical resource that can be downloaded from the Council of the North website here:

This resource will assist parishes by providing a bulletin insert to be used each week during the Lenten season. Each week's insert will feature a unique story of ministry in the Council of the North as well as a prayer.  These stories and prayers will be related to the readings for that Sunday. 

Your parish might choose to simply have a focus on the Council of the North throughout Lent, using these inserts each week.  Or you might use them each week but also have a special Council of the North Sunday on which you feature, for example, other resources (such as our video), a coffee hour with bannock, specially chosen hymns, etc.
Our regular Council of the North print resources and the video are also available to download; we hope all of these resources will make your Council of the North Sunday easy to plan, and generate excitement and interest in the ministry of Anglicans in Canada’s North.

Council of the North online resources:

Learn MORE about the Council of the North:

For questions or more information, please contact our communications team at: [email protected].
With prayers of thanksgiving for your partnership, I remain,

Yours in Christ,

Chair, Council of the North
The Rt. Rev. Michael Hawkins
Diocese of Saskatchewan
1308 Fifth Avenue East, Prince Albert, SK, S6V 2H7 Tel: (306) 763-2455
email: [email protected]

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