Prayer Cycles

Diocesan Cycle of Prayer



April 23


Christ Church, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Kyle Wagner and Julie

The Reverend Jane Clattenburg, Pastoral Visitor


St. Andrew’s, Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Katherine Bourbonniere and Brian

The Reverend Walter Beazley, Associate Parish Priest, and Brenda

The Reverend Gary Giles, Associate Parish Priest, and Dawn-Marie


Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

The Reverend Debra Burleson, Priest-in-Charge, and Chris Purcel

The Reverend Michelle Bull  and Charles

            St. Peter’s, Eastern Passage

            Christ Church, Cow Bay 




May 06, 2017

Saint Benedict Parish, Halifax

Provincial Prayer Care

Provincial Prayer Care
Ecclesiastical Province of Canada


No. 116

April 2017 – June 2017

02 April            Ecclesiastical Province of Canada

 Archbishop Percy Coffin and the Provincial Council

09 April            Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Bishop Ron Cutler

16 April            Diocese of Québec

Bishop Dennis Drainville and Co-adjutor Bishop Bruce Myers

23 April            Diocese of Fredericton

Bishop David Edwards

30 April            Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land

Archbishop Gregory Kerr-Wilson and the Provincial Council

07 May             The Primate and the Council of General Synod

Archbishop Fred Hiltz

14 May             Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario

Archbishop Colin Johnson and the Provincial Council

21 May             Diocese of Montréal

Bishop Mary Irwin-Gibson

28 May             Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and the Yukon

Archbishop John Privett and the Provincial Council

04 June            Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Bishop Geoffrey Peddle

11 June            Diocese of Central Newfoundland

Bishop John Watton

18 June            Diocese of Western Newfoundland

Archbishop Percy Coffin

25 June            National Indigenous Bishop and the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples

Bishop Mark McDonald


APRIL 2017


« For the beauty of spring and the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ (QUE/NSPEI) * The ministries of military chaplaincies (QUE) * The mission and ministry of the PWRDF (MON) * The Ministry of hospital chaplains, Eucharistic ministers and lay visitors (ENL) * The work of Queen’s College in preparing women and men for ministry (ENL) * Those serving on vestries and parish councils (ENL) * Emmaus Food Bank and the Community Food Sharing Association (ENL) * All the Volunteers of Saint Luke’s Anglican Homes Incorporated (ENL) * Lay formation through EFM (NSPEI) * Re-opening of Safe Harbour House – transitional housing for youth (FRED) * Priests involved in group 3 of 12-12-12 peer mentoring program (FRED) * Ministry of the ACW (FRED) * Fresh Start (WNL) * Continued Discernment of potential Vocational Deacons (WNL)


« Parishes Theological students writing exams (QUE) * Residential school survivors (QUE) * For an increase in vocations to priesthood diaconate and religious life. (ENL) * The work of the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer (ENL) * Killdevil Camp Committee (WNL) * Fresh Start Facilitators and Participants (WNL)

  • 1 - Budget Consultation (NSPEI)
  • 1, 8 (and May 6) Stepping to Evangelism Workshops (FRED)
  • 1-2, GPS Youth Conference sponsored by the Archdeaconry of Avalon (ENL)
  • 2-4 - Clergy Lenten Retreat (MON)
  • 5-6 - Clergy Quiet Day and Renewal of Vows (NSPEI)
  • 7-8 - Diocesan Council (NSPEI)
  • 20-22, Godly Play Training, Mount Pearl. (ENL)
  • 21 - Annual General Meeting of the Church Society of the Diocese of Quebec
  • 22 - Welcoming and Seating of Bishop Coadjutor Bruce J.A. Myers OGS as the 13th Anglican Bishop of Quebec
  • 22 Diocesan Council meeting (FRED)
  • 22 - Mission School, Eastern Shore Region (NSPEI)
  • 22 - Meeting of the Central Board of Church Society (QUE)
  • 24-28 The National House of Bishops (QUE/NSPEI)
  • 26-28 - ACPO and candidates, Saint John, NB (MON)
  • 27-29 - Clergy Spouses Retreat (FRED)
  • 28-30 - West Island Women’s Retreat (MON)
  • 29 - Community Relations Education Day (MON)
  • 29 - Nova Scotia ACW Faith and Fellowship gathering (NSPEI)
  • 29 Mothers’ Union Rally (with commissioning of new national executive) (FRED)

Anglican-Lutheran Cycle of Prayer

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