Diocesan Archives


Until the end of 2012, (as long as the Synod offices are open) the Archivist will be in the Archives Office each week at the following times:

Tuesday:             1 pm -- 5 pm

Wednesday:         9 am -- 5 pm

Thursday:            9 am – 5 pm

Further changes in our schedule will be announced in January 2013.

NOTICE TO PARISHES: At this point in time, all parish records held by the Diocesan Archives are packed and sealed into large moving boxes. Any requests for baptism, marriage, burial records, etc. will have to be postponed until January 2013, when we hope to have it all unpacked and shelved in retrievable order!

If you have an emergency or time-sensitive request from a parishioner, you may send it, and we will do our best to find it before we move in December.

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