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(update 30 June 2016)


Continuing Education Plan

Instructions for all CEP Applications: Please complete part one of the forms and then forward directly to Canon Gordon Redden, Diocese of NS & PEI, 1340 Cathedral Lane, Halifax, NS  B3H 2Z1 (attach receipts if applicable)


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Vacation oppportunities


    Purpose: The purpose of the New Episcopal Vacation Exchange (NEVE) is to facilitate the exchange of homes among Anglican/Episcopal clergy for vacation purposes.

    History:  Begun in 1981 as the Episcopal Vacation Exchange (EVE), this service has been coordinated on a non-profit basis by a succession of clergy. After a brief hiatus in 2003 the service was restarted as New Episcopal Vacation Exchange (NEVE).  The current coordinator is the Rev. Ken Howard. Ken is the Rector of St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Darnestown, Maryland, USA.

    Process: NEVE is operated entirely on-line. Participants submit an e-mail application form which describes their family, their homes, and their vacation plans. These descriptions are consolidated into a single newsletter which is then e-mailed to all participants, generally in Epiphany. Participants then contact each other directly to negotiate vacation plans.

    Cost: None. At present there are no costs involved in operating NEVE (other than the coordinator’s time). Therefore, there is currently no charge to participate. (However, if participants wish to contribute to St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, on whose website this service is hosted, they may do so at the website.)

    To Apply: Copy the web-based application form (or request one via e-mail). Then complete and e-mail the form to the coordinator by the deadline. No paper forms will be accepted.


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