Diocesan Council

The purpose of Diocesan Council is to oversee the work of the Diocese between Synods. Each of the ten regions of the Diocese elects one clergy and one lay person to serve on Diocesan Council. The Diocesan Bishop can co-opt some additional members. Diocesan Council meets five times a year for a Friday evening and Saturday. More information can be found in Canon 11.

The next regular meeting of Diocesan Council is:

  • October 13-14, 2017

Subsequent meeting dates:

  • December 1-2, 2017

  • February 9-10, 2018
  • April 20-21, 2018
  • June 15-16, 2018
  • October 12-13, 2018
  • November 30-December 1, 2018


Diocesan Council Highlights

Diocesan Council Membership



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