Canadian Lutheran and Anglican Youth Gathering

The Canadian Lutheran and Anglican Youth (CLAY) Gathering is an incredible gathering of Anglican and Lutheran youth from across Canada. The Gathering takes place every two years at different locations across Canada. 

At CLAY we’ll encounter scripture in meaningful ways, experience ancient and modern ways of worship, learn together in special interest forums, enjoy fantastic social events, explore new places, make connections with youth from all over Canada and celebrate our life together.

This is a youth-centered program that empowers youth and develops leadership.  Not only will we have an extraordinary time at CLAY, we will share what we experienced and learned with others in our home communities.

At the very heart of it, we are children of God, and we want to affirm and respond to God’s grace and faithfulness in ways that are intentional, practical and meaningful.

The next CLAY - threads - will take place in THUNDER BAY in 2018! 

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