2017 Annual Return Forms

Deadline for all returns was March 31, 2017

Covering Letter

Certificate of Election [Word] [pdf]

2016 Parochial Return [Excel] [pdf]

2016 Statistical Return [Excel] [pdf]

2017 Parish Information Forms [Word] [pdf]

Dear Parishes,

Enclosed/attached/linked are several documents that must be completed no later than Friday, March 31stEach form is required for very specific and important reasons.  Understanding the purpose of each, we hope, will be an incentive to your completing these by the deadline. 

  1. Diocesan Synod 2017 Certificate of Election: The Lay, Youth and Clergy delegates named in this document – elected at your 2017 Annual General Meeting are required as soon as possible after your AGM so Synod Arrangements can communicate effectively with the delegates about the Convening Circular, Online Registration, etc.
  1. 2016 Statistical Return Form: This information is critical for both the Synod Office and for the National Church.  These statistics determine how many delegates the Diocese can send to General Synod!  We can only report with the statistics we receive. 

The Statistical Return Form used to be included within the Parochial Return Form, but our experience was that because different people in the parishes general have responsibility for different sections, the financial return was delayed until someone else completed the statistics portion.  Our logic in sending two separate forms is that the treasurer can work on the Parochial Return while another person responsible for the Statistical Return may work on it.  They can be submitted separately as soon as each is appropriately signed-off in the Parish.

  1. 2016 Parochial Return Form: The figures and supporting financial documents provided in this form allow the Diocese to work on the Diocesan Budget for the following year.  It may seem like a long timeline.  But think about it:  The Parish prepares its financial statements for the Annual General Meeting in January or February of the year.  Once approved, the Parochial Return is completed and submitted by March 31st.  All the data from over 90 parishes much be checked and compiled, which takes another few months.  A first draft of the next year’s budget goes to Diocesan Council in June, which is hopefully approved at its October meeting.  Preparation of the allotment figure for the subsequent year cannot happen until after the Diocesan Budget has been approved.   Canon 16 stipulates a March 31st deadline for these reasons.

For your convenience, two other resources accompany the Parochial Return Form; Instructions for Completing the Parochial Return Forms, and Parochial Return Worksheet, an Excel spreadsheet for helping you total and cross-reference your entries.

  1. 2017 Parish Information Forms: This completed set of forms updates the Diocese on a variety of information.
    • Most importantly are the names and complete contact information for the Wardens, Treasurer, and Parish Council Members. It is important for the Synod Office to be able to identify and communicate with the current Parish Officers.  For the Parish’s liability insurance, we need a record of the newly elected Parish Council membership.
    • Names of those heading-up your Parish Organizations provide Diocesan VSSTs and designated Representatives a source of contacts across the Diocese.
    • The 2017 Diocesan Lay Readers’ Association form provides updated contact information for those who continue as active Lay Readers or Lay Readers-in-Training.

Don’t wait until March 31st.  If one form is ready ahead of the others, please obtain any required signatures and submit each as available.   You may mail your forms, or you may scan and email the Certificate of Election, Statistical Return Form, and Parish Information Forms.  The Parochial Return is not quite as email-friendly with the requirement for supporting financial information and a copy of the annual report.

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