New Member Ministry - What is it?

'New Member Ministry' is a term coined by the Church of St. Andrew, Cole Harbour many years ago when they developed a program specifically for welcoming new parishioners in a very systematic way. The Building Healthy Parishes task group heard about this program and decided it is an idea that should be shared with other parishes, in hopes of making it easier to start up something similar.

If your parish has a small group or even one or two people willing to take on this kind of ministry, it can make a big difference in how welcoming your parish appears to be to new folks.

We reviewed the documents given to us by those who developed the ministry in Cole Harbour, and provide to you here - in MS Word format - versions of these documents that you can use in your own parish. These are just examples and need to updated and completed in various places to make them applicable to your parish setting. Feel free to customize them however you need to.

-- A template Handbook for introducing new members to your parish

-- A template agenda for an Orientation Night

-- A template Welcome letter to invite potential new members to Orientation Night

-- Sample 'Personal Information Record' Form - your parish probably already has one

-- Sample of a 'Skills Activity Codes' document that could be used on Orientation Night to get an idea of the skills, talents, hobbies, interests and experience of your new members.

-- Example of Guidelines for your Worship 'greeters', if you don't already have such guidelines in place.

We welcome your comments and feedback about using these documents to develop a similar ministry in your own parish. You may email <stewardship [at]>


Finders, Keepers - an article on welcoming and incorporating new members.

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