Music Resources

ACC/UCC - bright red hymn book from 1971 and UCC Voices United and Common Praise (1998)

--> Lyrics are available for most hymns, plus everything you could have ever wanted to know about the tune and the origin of the text, plus you can even buy sheet music.

--> To just get the lyrics, click a hymn name and a new page will open (some have the lyrics right there). Then look for the hymn title along the left side, with a heading that says "Text:" and click that link - there are a few songs where lyrics are not available on the page that comes up.

Common Praise

--> This is a nice resource if you want to hear how a particular song would sound when played on an organ - about 30 seconds of the tune will play. This site is not associated with the Anglican Church of Canada - read the About page for more information. No lyrics provided.

Lyrics from Common Praise, 1998

- There are lots of broken links on this page, and some lyrics not available because they are copyright. But it might be better than typing in a whole song from scratch!

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