Healthy Churches Handbook

This book is being used in parishes by a small group of facilitators trained by member of the Healthy Parishes VSST. The goal is to bring new energy to your congregation through considering where your current successes are, where your energy is, and why you are doing the things you are currently doing.

The process is easy to customize to suit local circumstances and has been positively received everywhere it has been used. If your parish is interested in the process, please e-mail us (stewardship @ and one of our facilitators will be in touch.

Implementations usually begin with a faciliator delivering the homily on Sunday morning. S/he stays after worship to facilitate a small group discussion with those who wish to participate. In all cases, the role of the facilitator is to help your parish begin a discussion. Any follow-up actions are selected and implemented by the parish.


"This practical guide will help you identify your church s strengths and weaknesses, discovering what action to take to improve its health. Focusing on the quality of your church's life rather than just the numbers attending, and avoiding quick-fix solutions, Robert Warren offers a realistic and positive process for revitalizing your church, helping you assess your parish against the seven marks of a healthy church. The goal is nothing less than encountering the reality of God's presence in and through the life of your church. The material is fully road-tested and has been used in local churches across the UK and beyond."

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--> You can also download a shorter copy here: Healthy Churches Handbook

The Appendices can also be downloaded separately:

  1. Church Scores Sheet
  2. Scoring Guide
  3. Church Profile Sheet
  4. Seven Marks Summary Sheet
  5. Action Lists
  6. Naming the Angel of the Church

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