Building Up Lay Ministry

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Articles from The Alban Institute & Other External Sources

The Encouraging Leader - Important skills in a leader who wants to build up and empower lay ministry

Beginning Your Leadership Ministry Together - an excellent article for all new Councils to read before they convene for the first time following Annual Meetings.

Shifting the Way We Ask Lay Leaders to Run the Church - Imagine a congregation that wants its pastor to be not a chaplain who primarily offers pastoral care but a servant leader who teaches others how to be excellent servants. Imagine elders and deacons who are inspired and nourished spiritually during their terms of office. Imagine volunteers who discover their skills as coordinators of life-changing ministries. No longer do the organizational models of the late 20th century work in the 21st century.

Forming Laity for Life and Ministry - In a time of great change in the Catholic Diocese of Camden, NJ, a program gives laypeople the skills they need to bring a new vibrancy and passion to the local parish.

A Guide for Leading Prayers of the People

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